MMK Foundation Gives $150,000 Gift to Help Provide Gaming Systems and Electronics for Patients at Children’s Medical Center

August 07, 2012

The MMK Foundation, established by Mark and Marcia King to effect positive, sustainable change in the lives of children, citizens, and communities globally, recently announced a gift of $150,000 to Children’s Medical Center. The gift will help provide electronics, entertainment, and electronic technology advancements for the Gastroenterology department, Endocrinology Center and other program areas.  

"Mr. and Mrs. King and the MMK Foundation serve as great examples of how our community plays a vital role in helping Children’s provide hope and healing to the children we serve,” said Pete Kline, president of the Children’s Medical Center Foundation. “On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of children who seek care at our hospital each year, I thank the MMK Foundation for their continued, generous support. We are deeply appreciative of the investment and will thoughtfully steward the resources entrusted to us."

Children’s, a not-for-profit hospital, serves one in every five children in the greater Dallas area and one in every four in the Legacy region. Donations from individuals, corporate sponsors and foundations help Children’s provide the best possible care for every child who needs it today and keeps the hospital on the leading edge of cures for tomorrow.

"Children’s relies on donors to make possible the care and programs that touch children’s health and their hearts,” said Mark King, founder of the MMK Foundation. “We have long been a supporter of the important work of Children’s Medical Center Dallas and are pleased to provide this new gift to assist the Gastroenterology department and Endocrinology Center who provide for children with digestive, nutritional and endocrinal disorders. This gift supports Children’s important work for now and for future generations of children in the Dallas area."

Children’s has been caring for children and their families for nearly a century.  And, although many things change, one thing remains the same - the passionate commitment of supporters to help fulfill Children’s mission to make life better for children. 

"We are so pleased to be able to touch children's lives and make a positive difference by supporting the important work of Children’s Medical Center Dallas and specifically the important work being done by the Gastroenterology and Endocrinology specialties," said Marcia King, co-founder of the MMK Foundation.