We understand why you want to avoid surgery if possible. That’s why Imaging at Children’s Specialty Care Center in Southlake has effective non-surgical approaches to get a state-of-the-art look at what’s hurting your child – and how to fix it. All employees are trained in working with young people to lessen their fear and make them comfortable, and in cases where anesthesia is needed, anesthesiologists on our medical staff are skilled in preparing your child comfortably and safely for imaging procedures.
  • Diagnostic Radiology


    Children’s Southlake features full-time radiology specialists whose sole focus and expertise is pediatric radiology. Our state-of-the-art procedures will make it possible for us to diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions. All of our equipment is specially calibrated for pediatric patients to keep them safe from radiation exposure. We follow Image Gently ® standards to reduce our patients’ exposure to avoidable ionizing radiation. This means we don’t use some tests when others will show us what we need to see without exposing your child to something that can be avoided.

    Why Children’s

    All radiologists on the medical staff are fellowship-trained in pediatric radiology and/or neuroradiology. In addition, each radiologist on staff has special expertise in a certain area of pediatric radiology, such as neuroradiology, nuclear medicine and invasive procedures, such as angiography and sclerotherapy for vascular malformations.

    Services offered at Southlake

    • Diagnostic Radiology

    • Fluoroscopy

    • Ultrasound

    • MRI

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  • Fluoroscopy


    Fluoroscopy shows moving images of what’s inside the body. By using the special X-ray scope, our team at Children’s Southlake can capture and record video, or view it on a state-of-the-art display in real time.

    Why Children’s

    • Digital fluoroscopy is performed using radiation-limiting techniques and software

    • Fluoroscopy can investigate and diagnose anything unusual in  cerebrospinal fluid flow, brain function, seizures and metabolic problems, diffusion tensor imaging, and fiber tracking

    • Fluoroscopy can also be used for guiding placement of a catheter

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  • MRI with anesthesia support


    At Children’s Southlake, we use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to spot a variety of problems. A safe and non-invasive procedure, MRI uses a powerful magnet, radio waves and a computer to take very clear pictures. Because MRI imaging requires our patient to lie still, we have anesthesiologists on site who have specialized training in the unique needs of children.

    Why Children’s

    • Because imaging and anesthesiology in children are not the same in adults, the equipment used at Children’s is calibrated for children and anesthesiologists are specially trained in pediatrics

    • Nothing will touch or hurt your child as MRI pictures are being taken

    • The process can be as short as 20 minutes, depending on the amount of scanning

    • Anesthesia experts are on hand to make the process easier for your child

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  • Ultrasound


    At Children’s Southlake, we use ultrasound as a non-invasive way to examine soft tissues of the body. We can use ultrasound to scan muscles, tendons and internal organs, allowing us to understand and treat your child’s condition.

    Why Children’s

    • Ultrasound can safely show us your baby before birth, including any unusual or dangerous conditions

    • Ultrasound is used for cardiac echocardiography, allowing us to diagnose and treat heart conditions

    • Used in urology to detect a variety of conditions, and can be used in higher concentrations to treat and break up kidney stones

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